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A-Better Plumbing Company has been doing complete kitchen remodels for over 20+ years.

What does this mean for you? You will be contracting a company that has all the expert craftsman that are required in a kitchen remodel. This include: flooring, cabinetry, walls, electrical and obviously plumbing. As you can see, you will be dealing with one company and we save you the headache of having to find contractors of all sorts to get your project completed. We will do it all.

Here is a listing of the process we will use to insure that your kitchen remodel project is executed to your complete satisfaction:

A-Better Plumbing LLC Pearland Texas

1. We meet with you to discuss the extent of the remodel project you wish to do.

2. We visit your home (site) to assess all the needs, concerns and potential options available to you.

3. We draw up a schematic (drawing) to insure that we have a clear understanding of the extent of the remodel that you wish to do.

4. We prepare and have you sign a contract that specifically lays out the agreed upon work, as well as payment terms and options.

5. We begin with site demolition.

6. We begin the build out.

7. We complete finishing touches on your project.

These are very general points but rest assured, no detail will be left out and within our contract you will have a detailed listing of the work you are contracting us to do for you.